Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that’s not answered below or want to provide some feedback about the database? Email us at info@ottawafilmoffice.ca and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Why should I sign up for the database?

Signing up for the crew database and creating your online résumé means that local, Canadian, and foreign producers/production managers can easily find, contact, and hire Ottawa-based crew. So whether you currently work in the film and television industry or trying to, you should definitely sign up. You should also sign up if you’re considering applying for any of the jobs posted on the job board.

Additionally, the data gives us and our stakeholders a sense of how many crew currently live in Ottawa, what their skill sets and experience levels are, and where there are gaps in experience so that we can identify and recommend training in certain areas. This is one of the reasons why it’s important that users fill out their profiles accurately and honestly.

Need another reason to sign up besides the possibility of finding paid work in the film and television industry? It’s free.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for the database is quick and easy! Just follow the steps below and once approved, your profile will be online within 5 business days.

Tip: Have your résumé nearby to refer to or to copy and paste your credits, employment history, and education details.

  1. Click on “Add a crew profile”.
  2. Fill out all mandatory (and preferably optional) information and click on "Preview" when you’re done. If you're happy with how your profile looks, click on "Submit".
  3. You will receive an automatic email with your username and a link to create your password. Once your profile is approved, you will be able log into the database to edit your profile, ensuring it’s always up-to-date.
  4. Someone from our office will review your profile and approve it within 5 business days; at that point, it will appear on the database.
Why does the Ottawa Film Office need to approve my profile before it’s published?

One of the concerns we often heard about when we first started talking about creating a crew database was how users could upload false information regarding their experience levels. Someone from our office will verify each new résumé once it’s submitted to ensure that crew select the categories in which they have experience and/or training. We may contact you to confirm the information you’ve submitted; otherwise, you can expect your profile to be published within 5 business days.

But what if I want to work in a position I have no prior experience or training in? Should I select that position when filling out my profile?

Please don’t. We think it’s great that crew want to aspire to different positions, but to help keep the database as accurate as possible regarding our crew base, we ask that you only select the position in which you have experience/training*. The optional “additional notes” section at the bottom of the form is a great place to let everyone know what your careers goals and dream positions are, and to let potential employers know a little more about you.

*An exception will be made for individuals with no experience who select "Set PA" or "Office PA" as their position.

How do I apply for a job through the database?

Employers will specify on their posting how they prefer to accept applications; however, there are two ways for candidates to apply for advertised job opportunities. The first is by sending an email to the employer with the requested information and documents (résumé, cover letter, etc.). The second is through the database by sending a message to the employer; registered users can include a personalised message and, as long as their résumé was already approved, a link to their online profile will be sent as well. As it may take up to 5 business days for your profile to be published online, we recommend you don’t wait until the last minute to apply. Once you’ve applied for the position, the employer will be automatically notified via email that an application has been submitted and will be able to view your profile.

How do I post a job? 

We encourage all local companies who are looking for crew or film/television/animation staff to post current opportunities on the job board. To post a job, visit the “Add a Job” page and fill out all relevant information, including how you wish to receive applications; you can optionally create an account at this stage if you don’t already have one. Our office will review and approve each new job posting and it may take up to 3 business days before your posting is published.

You will be notified via email once an application has been submitted. Job posts will be up for a maximum of 30 days unless we are notified that a position has been filled or that an employer wishes to extend the posting.